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What is Openaff?

Answer: Openaff is a multifunctional platform based on AI, providing a full cycle of solutions for affiliate marketing: from distribution and analytics to verified offers and easy communication between advertisers and affiliates. We use artificial intelligence technology in processing incoming traffic, coupled with innovative tracking solutions, LDS system, and Big data analysis system to help you achieve the best conversion rates.

How can I start
working with you
if I'm an affiliate?

Answer: Starting a partnership with us is quite simple – just fill out the registration form. Indicate that you're an affiliate, then enter your name and contact information, create a password, and click on the "register" button. After this, a personal manager will get in touch with you to activate your account.

I'm an advertiser,
how can I start
working with you?

Answer: Specify that you're an advertiser, then choose the vertical you want to work with, enter your name and contact details, create a password, and hit the "register" button. Following this, a personal manager will contact you.

I have a different
question. How can
I contact you?

Answer: If you haven't found the answer to your question in the FAQ, email us at and we will definitely get in touch with you!"