Tracking solutions

The OpenAFF team has created a unique Tracking system: it will allow you to track and measure the results of campaigns, ensuring maximum transparency and optimization for your business.

The Tracking system offers a number of features and benefits that will help you achieve success:

1. Accurate tracking: Our system provides high-accuracy tracking of all key metrics and actions. It allows you to record and analyze clicks, registrations, sales, and other important actions so that you can objectively assess the effectiveness of each campaign element.

2. Flexibility and customization: We offer broad customization capabilities for our Tracking system to suit your individual needs. You'll be able to define key metrics, tracked actions, and much more. This will allow you to tailor the system to your affiliate program and measure the metrics necessary for your business.

3. Instant notifications: The Tracking system provides real-time information, allowing you to instantly see the results of your campaigns. You'll receive notifications about new registrations, sales, or other important actions, allowing you to respond and take action to optimize in time.

4. Deep analysis and reporting: The OpenAFF Tracking system offers powerful analytical capabilities for deep data investigation. You'll be able to receive detailed reports on partner performance, conversions, ROI, and other important metrics. This will help you identify trends, find successful strategies, and make the right decisions for further scaling.

5. Integration and compatibility: Our system easily integrates with other platforms and tools you use. This allows you to gather data from different sources and unify them in a single control center. You'll be able to use all the tools you need for successful business operation.

With the OpenAFF Tracking system, you'll gain full control over your campaigns, accurately measure and analyze results,
and optimize your business. It's a powerful tool that will help you achieve high results.